Knowledge Transfer (Level 1)
Survey and Pre-test
Review of Course Aims, Syllabus, Learning Outcomes and References
What is knowledge - the continuum of knowledge
Tacit versus Explicit knowledge - the spiral of knowledge
Case Study and exercise 1
The importance of when to share and when not to share knowledge (Intellectual Property)
The Human Brain and learning - cognitive psychology
Knowledge conversion - what is it
Case study and exercise 2
How is knowledge converted
What tools can you use
Case study and exercise 3
How do you check knowledge?
Adult learning - Learning styles and their importance
Case study and exercise 4
Learning versus teaching
Learning Plans
Case study and exercise 5
Mental Modelling - how to do this and its importance for knowledge capture and transfer
Case study and exercise 6
Scaling for Transfer
Learning review and summary
Further reading and recommended education
Socrates Workforce Solutions
Workforce Capability and Talent Development