Plasma Physics - An Introduction (Level 2)
Survey and Pre-test
Review of Course Aims, Syllabus, Learning Outcomes and References
What is Plasma - basic concepts
Plasmas in Nature
Important Plasma Definitions (Electron Density, MFP, Debye length etc)
Density Maps
Overview of Industrial, Medical and other uses of Plasmas
Exercise 1
The Plasma Sheath in detail
AC versus DC Plasmas - differences, uses etc
Detail review of DC Plasma - Qualitative Characteristics of DC Glow discharge
Exercise 2
Plasma Chemistry - Electrons, Ions, Radicals etc
Plasma Collisions - generating the reactive species
Plasma Surface interactions - Chemical kinetics and surface processes
Exercise 3
Some Plasma Sources and comparisons in detail -  CCP and ICP
Exercise 4
Overview of two Industrial Plasma Applications and associated reactions
RF Sources and Generators - Overview
Tuning and Matching - Overview
Diagram of a complete system from source to load
Exercise 5
Learning Review and Summary
Further reading and recommended learning
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